Power2Share Student Course

Energy Inequality is Real.

180 million children attend schools lacking electricity, limiting their life chances.
Watch this short video showing student challenges in energy poor regions.
You can change the world for them now.

Learn solar literacy through hands-on, real-world work. Understand how solar helps combat climate change. Help others and earn community service hours.

You can change the world for them now! Watch a two-minute video introducing Power2Share

Read what students

have to say about We Share Solar programs

“I am excited to be a part of this project not just because of the fun solar engineering, but also because my Solar Suitcase will provide children who don't have access to electricity get the light they need to study and live well.”

Middle School Student - Sarasota, Florida

“We Share Solar was a great opportunity for us to learn about Global Energy Access. Building the Solar Suitcase after learning about energy access allowed us to make an impact in the world while learning about the importance of solar energy.”

High School Student - Minneapolis, Minnesota

“My greatest take away was the amazement I felt after putting together the suitcase. I felt like I really did something important and special for others that need help.”

High School Student - Charlotte, North Carolina

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Price includes Solar Suitcase equipment and tools, and international deployment to East Africa with installation report.