Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro to Power2Share

    • Welcome to Power2Share

    • Power2Share Intro Video

    • About this Course and Helpful Tips

    • Blackout Video: Students in Guinea Journey to Light

    • Blackout Video: Post-Video Reflection

    • International Deployment: The Solar Suitcase in Action

    • Solar Stories from Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

    • Goals and Motivations: Additional Resources

    • Video: Introduction to the Solar Suitcase

    • Goals and Motivations: Reflection

    • Preparing to Build

  • 2

    Electric Circuits

    • Lesson Intro: Electric Circuits

    • Lesson: Electric Circuits

    • Checkpoint: Electric Circuits

  • 3

    Electricity in the Solar Suitcase

    • Lesson Intro: Electricity in the Solar Suitcase

    • Lesson: Electricity in the Solar Suitcase

    • Unpacking the Solar Suitcase

    • Sharing your Solar Suitcase Knowledge

  • 4

    Assembing the Solar Suitcase

    • Welcome to Solar Suitcase Assembly

    • Intro to Solar Suitcase Assembly

    • Before You Build: Safety Tips

    • Video: Battery Tips and Safety

    • Solar Suitcase Assembly

    • Checkpoint: Post- Solar Suitcase Assembly

  • 5

    Prepare to Energize the Solar Suitcase

    • Preparing to Energize the Built Solar Suitcase

    • Solar Suitcase Quality Control Activity

    • Video: Solar Suitcase Quality Control

    • Video: Preparing to Energize your Solar Suitcase

    • The Lightbulb Moment

    • Video: Switch Box Assembly

    • Video: Switch Box Quality Control Video

    • Video: Powering the Switch Box

  • 6

    Energy and Power of the Solar Suitcase

    • Lesson Intro: Energy and Power

    • Lesson: Energy and Power

    • Checkpoint: Energy and Power

  • 7

    24 Hours with the Solar Suitcase

    • 24 Hours with the Solar Suitcase

    • Energy and Power Preparation Worksheet

    • The Battery Tracking Log

    • 24 Hours with the Solar Suitcase - Reflection

  • 8

    Light Switchbox Assembly

    • Light Switchbox Assembly: The Need for More Light

    • Light Switchbox QC Video

    • Energizing your Switchbox

  • 9

    Deployment of the Solar Suitcase

    • Welcome to Solar Suitcase Deployment

    • Video: Solar Suitcase Deployment

    • Deployment Resources

    • Power2Share Communication Guide

    • Solar Suitcase Packing Guide

    • Sending the Solar Suitcase Back to We Share Solar

  • 10

    Course Completion

    • Post-Program Survey

    • Course Completion Checklist

    • Course Completion Congratulations

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