Power2Share is for everyone.

We Share Solar's unique program is fun to do and easy to implement, with no training needed.

Choose your path:

Looking for a capstone or community service project that helps combat climate change?


Seeking to excite your classroom through hands-on STEM with real-world impact?


Aiming to enhance your relationship with clients, partners or employees through fun and meaningful solar engagement?


Build Solar Suitcases to share with others in this all-in-one independent program with online access to free curriculum by We Share Solar.


If I could do my entire school year as projects like We Share Solar, I would. It's exactly the type of teaching I hope to do more of: service-based, real-world connected, project-based, hands-on, etc.

High School Science Teacher

Berkeley, CA

This program is an excellent example of real-world project-based learning, which I strongly believe is the best way for students to learn. It hits on so many valuable notes: the scientific principles of electricity; the applied techniques of solar design and assembly; literacy and awareness on the global issues of climate change and energy access. Empowering students to aid others affirmed their own eager willingness to be a force for good in the world.

High School Physics Teacher

Minneapolis, MN