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Educator Testimonials

If I could do my entire school year as projects like We Share Solar, I would. It's exactly the type of teaching I hope to do more of: service-based, real-world connected, project-based, hands-on, etc.

High School Science Teacher

Berkeley, CA

This program is an excellent example of real-world project-based learning, which I strongly believe is the best way for students to learn. It hits on so many valuable notes: the scientific principles of electricity; the applied techniques of solar design and assembly; literacy and awareness on the global issues of climate change and energy access. Empowering students to aid others affirmed their own eager willingness to be a force for good in the world.

High School Physics Teacher

Minneapolis, MN

We Share Solar is a wonderful way to both increase awareness of the global energy crisis that exists, as well as, to promote clean energy enthusiasm and initiatives for the rising generation. 

High School Science Teacher

Minneapolis MN

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